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Franklin Method Equestrian Trainers have undergone our intensive diploma certification which is tailored specifically for the needs of equestrians. A full 10 days of in classroom training both off and on the horse.

Franklin Method® Equestrian Trainer Diploma

  • “Franklin Method® Equestrian Trainer”
  • 10 full days of training.
  • Case studies, homework, supportive online video content, 2 practical teaching exams and a written exam.
  • Covering the Franklin Method fundamental principles as they apply to equestrians.
  • Proper usage of Franklin Balls and Franklin Bands (mounted and dismounted) for optimal equestrian performance.
  • Training in embodied anatomy, imagery, biomechanics and Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery™ (DNI) specifically for riders.

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Franklin Ball Certified have undergone our Franklin Ball Certification Training. This is a 2 day intensive training both off and on the horse.

Franklin Ball Certification

  • “Franklin Method® Equestrian Ball Certified”
  • 2 full days of training.
  • Covering the Franklin Method fundamental principles as they apply to equestrians.
  • Proper usage of Franklin Balls (mounted and dismounted) in conjunction with the Franklin Method for optimal equestrian performance.

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Franklin Method Equestrian Faculty Members




Alysen is a Level 3 Franklin Method Educator, an Franklin Method Faculty and Franklin Method Equestrian Faculty.

Alysen grew up riding at her grandparents farm where she developed her love of horses.  She went to the University of Alberta studying psychology and has a movement background in dance and pilates.

Alysen got started with Franklin Method in the horse world while working with a professional dressage rider to prepare her for showing. Since then, she’s been working extensively with equestrians from several disciplines on improving their mind-body coordination both in and out of the saddle.

In 2017, she partnered with Franklin Method founder Eric Franklin to create the first official Franklin Method online course for equestrians.

Alysen has found consistently that the application of the Franklin Method within riding has created lasting positive change in the minds and bodies of riders. With better body organization and more efficient movement, the connection between horse and rider becomes clearer and more precise.

As the lead educator of Franklin Method Equestrian, she travels internationally giving presentations, teaching workshops and teacher trainings.




Tom is a Level 2 Franklin Method Educator, Franklin Method Faculty and Master Biomechanics Education Trainer.

Tom is an international educator in anatomy, exercise and physical therapy. He is a European faculty member for The Franklin Method, a Master Trainer for Biomechanics Education and teaches pilates for multiple companies in the UK and overseas. Tom is recognised as a leader in his field and enjoys challenging ‘old school’ beliefs about the human body by staying up to date with the latest research in biomechanics and physical therapy.

Tom has a natural approach to exercise, he believes that every person should undertake a variety of dynamic and diverse movements that benefit and work the whole body. Tom teaches group and private Pilates sessions as well as delivers Sports Therapy treatments for those in pain or dealing with an injury.

Tom believes in working with the body’s natural design and because we are all unique, he delivers personal programmes to all his clients to best optimise their health and to help them achieve their goals.

When Tom isn’t at the pilates studio or clinic, he is an educator for other health professionals.