Over the years the Franklin Method® is becoming more renowned in the equestrian world. This style of movement education is suitable to practice in all forms of sport and movement. The application on another living being, the horse, gives a whole other dimension. That is why the Franklin Method® developed a special teacher training especially for equestrian riders and instructors. This is a great addition to the existing teacher trainings by the Franklin Method®. In this blog you’ll find an overview of the different teacher training possibilities in both the Franklin Method® and Franklin Method Equestrian®.

You are a Rider

As a rider, you can make use of the Franklin Balls and other Franklin products when you are riding. For the best result, consult with a certified Franklin Method Equestrian® Instructor or Trainer. After taking a workshop with them, or taking several lessons, most riders are happy to use the Franklin balls on their own. If there is no one available in your area, please make sure to at least get some information on safe use, and make sure you have no existing injuries.

You are an Instructor

In this case you have a wider range of options. As an instructor you cannot use the protected titles of the Franklin Method®, Franklin Method Equestrian®, Franklin balls and Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery™(DNI). To do that, you need an education and certification by the Franklin Method® Institute.

The Franklin Method® Institute is the overall organisation of the Franklin Method®. As an instructor you can take two directions in your Franklin Method® education: traditional or equestrian. 

Since 2019, different certifications are offered by Franklin Method Equestrian®, specifically for equestrian instructors of all disciplines. These certifications are only available through Franklin Method Equestrian® Faculty members. At this time these are Alysen Starko-Bowes (Educator Level 3 and Faculty member) and Tom Waldron (Educator Level 3 and Faculty member).

Certificates provided after following trainings or workshops by other instructors or trainers are not valid as a license to use Franklin Method Equestrian®.

Franklin Method Equestrian® Ball Certification

This 2-day course is especially suited for instructors who are experienced equestrian teachers. In these two days you’ll learn the Franklin Method® principles. You’ll get an introduction to DNI™, some basic anatomy and the execution of the different ball placements.

The theme of these two days is to experience. The Franklin Method® educations are always super interactive and involve experiencing the teachings in your own body. You can imagine that the integration of the knowledge will become much easier this way.

There is little time for didactics and pedagogy during this course. Therefore it is important that you know how to teach. We advise you have a license to teach equestrians or at least enough experience teaching riders.

When you finish this course you’ll be a Franklin Method Equestrian® Ball Certified instructor. You are certified to use the Franklin balls in your existing teachings and promotions. You can do this in individual or group lessons in the saddle and on the ground. 

Franklin Method Equestrian® Ball Certified instructors have a bronze badge.

Franklin Method Equestrian® Trainer

The course for Franklin Method Equestrian® Trainer consists of two modules of five days each (10 days in total). There is a 4-6 week break between modules. As a participant you’ll need this time to do your homework and home study.

Each trainer education has a specific area of the body as a theme. There are four different 10 day Trainer courses in total. The themes are: 

  • Pelvis
  • Spine 
  • Lower Leg
  • Shoulder 

It is not required you have a general equestrian instructor license or that you have Franklin Method Equestrian® Ball certificate as a prerequisite to take this training.

During this course you’ll immerse yourself deeper into the Franklin Method®. You’ll get more tools for using DNI™ and you’ll practice these during the modules and your home studies. You’ll practice teach during the Franklin Method Equestrian® workshops and complete a case study.  You’ll get more insights in anatomy and biomechanics related to the specific topic, not only the topographical anatomy (names of the body), but especially how it works in practice.

You’ll learn about bone rhythms, muscles and fascia and how to influence these through DNI™, balls and bands.

As a Franklin Method Equestrian® Trainer you can use the terms Franklin Method® and Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery™ in your promotion.  You’ll be able to use the balls and bands in your teachings; in the saddle and on the ground. You’ll also be able to teach 2 or 3 official Franklin Method® workshops related to your theme.

Franklin Method Equestrian® Trainers have a silver badge.

Franklin Method Equestrian® Level 1 Educator

After your first trainer course you can continue to become a Franklin Method Equestrian® Level 1 Educator. This title is rewarded after you successfully finish two different trainer courses of 10 days. The themes of these courses don’t matter, as long as they’re two different trainings.

This special equestrian education is not exactly the same as the traditional Franklin Method® Level 1 Educator status. The content of your education is slightly different.

Franklin Method Equestrian® Level 1 Educators have a gold badge.

Franklin Method Equestrian® Level 2 Educator

When you successfully participate in all four different trainer courses, you’ll be a Franklin Method Equestrian® Level 2 Educator. This is the same as the traditional Franklin Method® Level 2 Educator.

A map with all licensed Franklin Method Equestrian® instructors and their level can be found here: https://franklinmethodequestrian.com/find-a-local-trainer/

Franklin Method® Traditional Training

Because the Franklin Method® was originally developed in the dance world, the courses made by the Franklin Method Institute® are more catered to general human movement. Over 25 years later, Franklin Method® Educators can be found all over the world. All have their own specialty: physiotherapy, yoga, pilates, dance, midwifes, sport educators, personal trainers etc.

The general education to become a Franklin Method® Educator has been in existence for much longer than the Franklin Method Equestrian® course. The regular Franklin Method® education works within three levels:

Franklin Method® Level 1 Educator

Franklin Method® Level 1 Educators have had at least 21 days of education from the Franklin Method Institute®. These courses consist of four modules of 5-6 days each. There is a 1-2 month gap in between for home study and homework.

In Level 1 you’ll learn about the whole human body. The general theme is the biomechanics of the human skeleton. You’ll learn about the bone-rhythms, the applicable DNI™ and pedagogy of the Franklin Method®.

The difference with the Franklin Method Equestrian® Level 1 Educator education is that in addition to the skeleton, there is attention to muscles and fascia. In the regular Franklin Method® education, muscles and fascia are covered in Level 2. 

In comparison; a Level 1 Franklin Method® Educator has knowledge about the bones, joints and ligaments of the entire human body. A Level 1 Franklin Method Equestrian® Educator knows about the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and fascia in the two specific areas of the body.

That is why the knowledge of a Franklin Method Equestrian® Level 1 Educator is not the same as a Franklin Method® Level 1 Educator.

Franklin Method® Level 2 Educator

In Level 2 you’ll immerse yourself in muscles and fascia during at least 21 days. This involves a lot of knowledge about anatomy and biomechanics. Of course you’ll learn more ground exercises with the balls and bands. This level is similar to a Franklin Method Equestrian® Level 2 Educator.

Franklin Method® Level 3 Educator

This training is about the movement of the organs which is called orgo-kinematics. It is common knowledge that muscles and joints need balanced movement to be healthy. Organs, however, are incorrectly not considered an important focus in exercise, sport or training. In this level you will discover the importance of organs for improving movement skills, posture, strength & flexibility.

This education program is again at least 21 days and is taught by Franklin Method® founder Eric Franklin with the help of several Faculty members.

Franklin Method® (specific) Trainer

Apart from the 21 day courses you can take some short Franklin Method® courses of three days. This will give you a license to teach a specific course. As of today you can become a Franklin Method® (specific) Trainer in the following courses:

Franklin Method® Fascia Trainer Lower back (English and German)
Franklin Method® Fascia Trainer Pelvic Floor (English and German)
Franklin Method® Fascia Trainer Shoulder (German)

The workshops are given during three days, including presentations and teach backs on your part. Some are in English and others in German. As of 2020 they are available online. However, these courses can only be taken on specific dates and are not available for replay. 

With these certificates you are allowed to teach specific Franklin Method® workshops affiliated with the theme.

Franklin Method® Faculty Member

Franklin Method Faculty members have taken all three of the educator certifications at least twice and have gone through the Faculty training under the mentorship of Eric Franklin and Morten Dithmer. These are the only educators who can hand out licenses to others for using the Franklin Method® and teaching the accompanying workshops and pedagogy.

There is always more…

It is possible that this blog post will be edited from time to time to keep up to date. There are talks about a Franklin Method Equestrian® Level 3 Educator and a Franklin Method® Educator Level 4, so who knows what possibilities the future might bring!

Would you like to know more about Franklin Method Equestrian® or the Franklin Method® and the educator programs they provide? Take a look at their websites. 

Franklin Method® www.franklinmethod.com

Franklin Method Equestrian® www.franklinmethodequestrian.com 

Blog by Janneke Jansen https://www.deruiterschool.nl

Franklin Method Equestrian® Pelvis Trainer, Franklin Method® Lower Back Fascia Trainer, Franklin Method® Pelvis Fascia Trainer and Franklin Method Equestrian® Ball Certified.